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One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer during his/her lifetime

Imagine if it was possible with a blood-based biomarker test to help and enable doctors:

  • to detect multiple cancers susceptibility

  • to detect cancer progression or relapse

How could it impact a patient’s journey with cancer?

We are here to help you discover that possibility with two new tools for physicians:


Cancer facts

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer during his/her lifetime

Cancer susceptibility detection is the key

Today screening tests:

  • can not detect several types of cancer

  • do not allow efficient detection of tumors at early stages

Reliable detection of cancer at an early stage before symptoms appear has the potential to dramatically decrease global cancer mortality.

Innovative answer


ECS progastrin's approach

An efficient screening test should meet the following criteria :








A new tool to help physicians to detect multiple cancers susceptibility at early stages

ECS-progastrin has developed the first true test for helping early cancer screening working for multiple cancers and meeting all these criteria. Called DxPG80, this IVD test is able to detect a specific biomarker in the blood: hPG80 (Progastrin).

In almost all types of cancers, at the earliest stages of development, there is an uncontrolled activation of the Wnt oncogenic pathway. This uncontrolled activation of the Wnt oncogenic pathway is vital for the cancer cells to grow and survive. It induces the expression of multiple genes required for the cancer cells to grow and survive. Among these multiple genes, there is the gene coding for our target: Progastrin.

DxPG80 IVD test is CE marqued under  the project name cancerREAD. Regulatory revisions are ongoing.



Efficient technology

Under pathological condition:

However, in tumors, progastrin produced by cancer cells is not maturated in gastrin, leading to the secretion of progastrin and thus to its presence in the blood. Therefore we can specifically detect Progastrin in the blood of persons having a cancer.

Under physiological condition:

Progastrin is a pro-hormone that is processed in gastrin, an hormone that is secreted during digestion by specific cells of the stomach, that stimulates the normal secretion of gastric acid. In these physiological conditions, and outside the digestion time, progastrin is not present in the blood.

DxPG80 IVD test is based on the ELISA technique that is the most reliable and the most routinely used assay to detect biomarkers on the blood.

ELISA is a test that combines the specificity of antibodies with the sensitivity of enzyme assays, by using antibodies coupled to an easily-assayed enzyme. A color change shows the presence of the biomarker.


Scientific Committee

Éric Thieulin


Dominique Joubert-Floch, Ph.D. in biology

Senior Scientific Consultant

Alexandre Prieur,
Ph.D. in oncology

Chief Scientific Officer

François Dupoteau

Chief Technology Officer


To share its medical & scientific results with you, ECS progastrin is proud to be present at major cancer congresses


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