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Last updated: August 3, 2020

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Pr. Benoit You

Oncology Medical, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France - Chairman

Academic medical oncologist working in Lyon University Hospital, France. He is the head of the early phase trial unit (CITOHL) and of the transversal research platform of Lyon University Hospital. He is specialized in drug development, clinical trials, pharmacokinetics, mathematical modeling of serum tumor markers kinetics, and gynecology/breast cancers. He is a member of the scientific committee of the collaborative group GINECO. He is the head developer of the website meant to characterize the kinetics of circulating tumor markers. He is the coauthor of 232 Pubmed indexed articles. 

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Pr. Marc Ychou

Oncology Medical, Cancer Institut of Montpellier, France - Expert member

Doctor specialist of digestive oncology. He’s the general director of the Montpellier Cancer Institut since 2016. He has been the director of the Canceropôle Grand Sud-Ouest and was the president of the digestive cancer group at Unicancer. He created and is leading the INSERM team "Integrated research for personalized medicine in digestive oncology" since 2015. He’s the author of 190 publications referenced on Pubmed about digestive oncology. He’s member of various organizations such as ASCO or SFC. 

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Dr. Raju Pilai

Oncology Medical, City Of Hope, USA - Expert Member

hematopathologist at City of Hope. His current research studies focus on multi-dimensional genomic analysis of cancer, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Triple board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology, molecular genetic pathology and hematopathology, he is an active member of multiple professional associations, and has published more than 28 peer-reviewed publications, abstracts and book chapters. 

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Pr. Céleste Lebbé

Dermatology, Saint Louis Hospital, France - Expert Member

Professor of Dermatology in Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, and is currently Head of the Skin Cancer Unit in the Department of Dermatology. She has expertise both in terms of clinical and biological research melanoma and in virus-induced cancers and has been an investigator for more than 20 years in clinical trials in the field of dermato-oncology. She currently conducts biological research in the development of new melanoma models. She leads Melbase, a national biobank dedicated to advanced melanoma. 

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Dr. Manish Kohli

GU Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, USA - Expert Member

Vice Chair of the Department of Genito-Urinary Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Kohli is currently Co-Principal Investigator on multiple NIH R01 grant awards that are investigating cell-free nucleic acid-based biomarkers in advanced prostate cancer and the application of nano technology sciences to clinical medicine. Dr. Kohli’s research interests aim to fuse the power of tumor genomics with emerging sciences such as nanotechnology, using biomarkers to determine the most effective treatment strategy. 


Pr. Federico Cappuzzo

Oncology Medical, AUSL della Romagna-Ravenna, Italia - Expert Member

the Director of Medical Oncology and the Director of the Hematology and Oncology Department at AUSL della Romagna-Ravenna. He is member of several associations such as AIOM, ESMO, ASCO or IASCL. He’s member of the editorial board of Lung Cancer and the Chairman of the Educational Committee of IASLC. In 2006, 2009 and 2012 Dr Cappuzzo received research grants from AIRC on targeted therapies for lung cancer. He is the author of more than 200 papers in peer-review journals, mainly in translational research in lung cancer. 

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Dr. Philippe Bedard

Oncology Medical, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Canada - Expert Member

Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. He’s part of the Medical Oncologist team in the Division of Medical Oncology. He is also the Fellowship Director for the Bras Drug Development Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. In 2012 he received the Career Development Award by the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and in 2017 he received the William E. Rawls Prize from the Canadian Cancer Society. He is the principal investigator for a number of ongoing phase I/II clinical trials in breast cancer and other advanced solid malignancies.


It has been shown that hPG80 (Circulating Progastrin) is produced by all cancer cells across all stages, but in quantities 100 to 1000 times higher by cancer stem cells which are considered to be primarily responsible for recurrence and metastasis. 

hPG80 is released from the tumor and becomes detectable in the blood, making hPG80 the only blood biomarker that not only detects the presence but also the activity of the tumor.

16 different cancers have been tested, the 16 were positive. Of these 16 cancers, 11 have been published to date.

Detection and assay of hPG80 can provide Physicians with new information that can help them:

  • Evaluate treatment efficacy,

  • Monitor risk of relapse,

  • Assess Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) risk,

  • Diagnose cancers which have no biomarker and for at-risk populations, in order to detect early enough the tumor, easily located in these populations.

ECS-Progastrin is a subsidiary of Progastrine Invest SCSp (Cancer Control Funding Fund)  11 côte d'Eich, L1450, Luxemburg City - Grand Duchy of Luxemburg













Progastrine Invest SCSp and its subsidiaries:

  • focus on innovation in cancer diagnosis, localization, follow-up and treatment,

  • hold the rights to the first hPG80 (Circulating Progastrin) assay which is now available,

  • hold the rights to the cancer therapy project with an anti-hPG80 antibody.


For ethical reasons and out of respect for practitioners, health institutions, populations and regulations in force in all countries where they operate, Progastrine Invest SCSp and its subsidiaries pay extreme attention to the information they publicly provide.


The management of Progastrine Invest SCSp subsidiaries and their scientific committee would like to remind you that only information published on the official communication media of the group's companies can be considered as confirmed and authorised.

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