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ESMO 2018 Congress​

20 October 2018

  •  [119P] - Progastrin, a new blood biomarker for the diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring, in gastro-intestinal cancers: A BIG-RENAPE project.

AACR Annual Meeting

2019 April 4th


Dear AACR 2019 Participant,

The work of many researchers around the world has demonstrated[1] the strong link between progastrin and cancer. (see Progastrin White Paper)

These observations have been extended by showing today the multiple possibilities that circulating progastrin offers in helping to detect and diagnose cancer, in supporting therapeutic follow-upin monitoring relapses or in treating cancer itself, alone or in combination with other therapeutic means.

In partnership with Mayo Clinic Rochester and Montpellier University Hospital, our Swiss company ECS Progastrin will present 3 posters at the AACR2019 which will provide you with information on the interest of targeting progastrin in the blood during the follow-up of treatments (prostate, kidney and liver) to bring more decision-making elements to physicians.

Mrs. Dominique Joubert PhD, the pioneer of our progastrin project, together with Mr. Alexandre Prieur PhD, CSO, will be both present at the AACR annual meeting 2019 with the team, in order to introduce you to this new biomarker and our clinical developments on 15 types of cancer (including cancers for which there is no known biomarker).


Our IVD test, DxPG80.Lab, is based on the detection of circulating progastrin which is specifically released in blood by tumor cells during the early stages of cancer and throughout its course. It is currently marketed under an RUO label in the USA and a CE-IVD label elsewhere.

Moreover, it has been shown that progastrin is essential for the survival of tumor stem cells and that its neutralization leads to "Tumor Reversion": The tumor cell becomes "normal-like", differentiates and dies (Prieur et al., 2017)[2]. These observations will give rise to a new therapy that targets cancer stem cells, and which is under development.


a new revolutionary biomarker to help fight cancer?
We are sure you will be convinced!


We look forward to speaking with you at AACR 2019.

The ECS Progastrin team.



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Progastrine Invest SCSp and its subsidiaries

  • focus on innovation in cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment,

  • hold the rights to the first circulating progastrin assay, identified as a new marker associated with cancer. This dosage helps to screen for cancer even at early stages and to monitor therapies,

  • are the holders of the rights to the cancer therapy project with an anti-progastrin antibody.


For ethical reasons and out of respect for practitioners, health institutions, populations and regulations in force in all countries where they operate, Progastrine Invest SCSp and its subsidiaries pay extreme attention to the information they publicly provide.


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